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EyeSucceed, a Glass Partner, is bringing together the power of assisted reality (AR) and wearable technology to transform how the food industry addresses real-world challenges like high labor costs, employee training and consistent execution.

Check out this short video segment to see the future for wearable technology and AR in the food industry.

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EyeSucceed is leveraging the power of AR and wearable technology to transform how the food industry does business.

Smart Training

Take a leap into the future with a hands-free, at-the-workstation training program that avoids the shortcomings of existing employee training modalities in the food industry.

Reduce Labor Costs

Eliminate the need for peer-to-peer training and bring a higher degree of efficiency to the workplace.

Drive Consistent Execution

Combine wearable technology, computer learning and artificial intelligence to detect and record when employees deviate from standards while performing work functions and immediately initiate corrective actions.

Improve Food Safety and Quality

Engage in smart training and consistent execution to ultimately deliver improved food safety and quality.

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