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EyeSucceed started in 2014 with a simple goal – to transform the way people interact with technology in the food industry to solve real-world challenges faced by businesses. Since then, through pilot projects, including one with Google during the outset of Glass, EyeSucceed has been innovating and creating solutions tailored to the specific needs of the food industry.

Our mission is to become the global leader known for wearable devices and cutting-edge technology that will transform how job functions are performed across the food industry. EyeSucceed helps this industry adopt wearable technology and bring together emerging wearable devices with unique applications that can make a difference.

We are food industry professionals with our co-founders having over 50 years of combined experience, including leadership positions at NSF International, Darden Restaurants and the National Restaurant Association. We are leveraging that knowledge to produce real-world technology solutions for issues that have challenged the food industry for many years.

Tom Chestnut, Co-Founder, EyeSucceed and Senior Vice President, Global Food Division, NSF International

Tom ChestnutNSF International has over 60 offices and laboratories around the globe where Tom oversees a team of over 2,000 public health professionals that are responsible for over 150,000 food safety audits each year on farms, food processing facilities and distribution networks in 150 countries, as well as consulting, training and technical support across the food industry. Prior to joining NSF International 10 years ago, Tom spent over 20 years in the food industry working for Darden Restaurants where he was Vice President, Total Quality, responsible for all aspects of supplier and restaurant quality assurance. In 2015, he co-founded EyeSucceed as a means to leverage the emerging power of AR and wearable technology to address key food industry challenges.

Jennifer Tong, Co-Founder, EyeSucceed

Tom Chestnut As Director of Integrity and Process Excellence for NSF International, Jennifer was responsible for bringing new technologies and improved processes forward to the over 2,000 public health professionals that conduct food safety and quality audits around the globe. Prior to joining NSF International 10 years ago, Jennifer spent over six years with the National Restaurant Association where she gained significant insight to the challenges that are faced each day by both chain restaurants and independent operators. In 2015, she co-founded EyeSucceed as a way to bring AR and wearable technology to the forefront of addressing food industry issues such as labor costs, training and execution, and food safety.

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Learn what the future of food and workplace safety holds and how AR and wearable technology are the key to reducing labor costs and optimizing operational execution throughout the food industry.

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