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Smart Training: Patent Pending

Take a leap into the future with a training program that avoids the shortcomings of existing employee training modalities in the food industry – the high labor cost of peer-to-peer training and training inconsistency.

Using smart glasses as a new training modality, Smart Training creates an interactive, hands-free learning experience for food employees. Employees are free to move around their workstations and enjoy a full range of movement. With their hands free and a full range of view, they will learn intuitively, directly and interactively with the assistance of prompts from expertly prepared training video sequences.

This training modality is cost effective, saving labor dollars that are required with peer-to-peer training. In addition, it drives consistency of training that is frequently lost with one employee training another, as not all trainers provide the same message. The use of wearable technology as a training modality is proven to achieve better results than traditional methods since it is interactive and at the workstation versus eLearning or tablet-based recipes.

Smart Execution: Patent Pending

The future of smart training is smart execution. Wearable technology merged with computer learning and artificial intelligence will detect and record when employees deviate from standards while performing work functions, along with immediately initiating corrective actions.

Training applications are the forerunner of smart execution. Imagine each training action point becoming a mapped piece of data that is uploaded to the cloud − data that can be used to identify the specific actions associated with each task. Take this one step further and see a scenario where a wearable device can use that bank of data to determine when an employee deviates from the correct procedure. Not only will that error be detected, but the device will intervene and provide visual corrective prompts, all the while logging these actions into the cloud to drive predictive and business analytics. In essence, wearable technology merges with computer learning and artificial intelligence to create an enhanced workforce.


With two-way audio/video communication with wearable technology, the world is becoming a much smaller place. See greater efficiency and knowledge transfer occur almost instantaneously around the globe via livestreaming with wearable technology.

Livestreaming allows real-time, hands-free communication between a smart glass wearer and a remote viewer. The technology provides the benefits of two-way global communication of both video and audio. The smart glass wearer can talk to a remote viewer hands free and view video on the device’s visual display. The remote viewer − via computer, smart phone or tablet − is able to see the other person’s point of view through the lens of the wearable device. The hands-free functionality allows on-the-job applications, which is a vast improvement over current mobile devices or tablets which require hands.

Food industry business applications using livestreaming with smart glasses are limitless and include remote expert assistance during field operations, food safety audits, seafood quality inspections, supplier quality calibration and more.

Other key benefits of livestreaming include lower travel costs for the business and increased efficiency by allowing experts to be “virtually” on-site anywhere in the world at any time.


As wearable technology is quickly emerging at the enterprise level, the food industry will be challenged to understand the hardware and software solutions that allow them to solve real-world challenges. EyeSucceed’s consultative services help you develop a customized solution.

Let EyeSucceed’s food industry and wearable technology experts provide you the help you need to pair the right hardware and software to meet your individual business’s specific use case. We can help you identify what operational problems are best solved by using wearable technology and help you to successfully lead your change management initiatives as you integrate wearables into your operations.

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